Friday, March 13, 2009

Build Brand name recognition in your community helping others

Would you like to advertise your name and product throughout your community! You can build a brand name as the person helping your community at the same time being able to introduce yourself and how you can serve them in your occupation.

I am asking you to help spread the word about a very important fundraising method that will help so many people in your community. While helping build your name recognition in the community at Zero cost.

Not only can you add brand recogniton with your name you can earn a very nice residual income helping others!

The fundraiser
and Yahoo have teamed together for an incredible way to help needy organizations. Simply use Yahoos customized search toolbar and earn money each time that organizations supporters search the internet. This is a phenominal method to help cahrities during these tough econmic times!

Please visit the web site Fundraisersforfree

and watch the short video for more detailed information.

In this economy there are so many people and organizations needing help financially. From kids sports teams, to homeless shelters, Food Banks. School activities such as band, cheer, team sports, deca. It goes on and on.

You have a way right now to help all of these groups raise those much needed funds.

Please watch this short video. How the fundraiser works. Click on the link - watch video. This explains how Yahoo has teamed with
to create a no cost Fundraiser. There is zero set up cost and zero out of pocket expense to the supporters. This is the perfect fundraiser for this economy and we need your help getting the word out.

will pay you a 10% override for the life of organizations use of the toolbar simply for sharing this with those group and organizations in need.. More on how to become a consultant here: Become a consultant for FREE As with the fundraiser. There is NO COST to becoming a consultant and there will never be any fees. We simply ask that you share this with as many people needing help as possible.

Show this video to your Ortganizations and contacts: FREE fundit benefits fundraisers and people who trust you. Those groups that are trying to raise money.Your kid’s school, your church, kids clubs, sports teams. Youth homes, shelters….

There is no limit.

Here is a small sample of organizations using the tool bars now to raise funds for there organizations. Groups now using fundit benefits toolbar fundraisers

How do you benefit? Simple…. You help someone in your community. You get your name out to the public as someone trying to do well in your community. PLUS you get paid a 10% OVERRIDE on everything that organization makes.

It is FREE to become an Independent Consultant and there will never be a fee to maintain that status. An organization or toolbar user has no out of pocket expense.

What could be more RIGHT than that?

Join Now as an independent fundraising consultant...... Free to join

Join Now! Application

Referring consultant is Randy Bacon ID# 3131 Important to write this name and ID# down you will need it when filling out your application.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Want to Earn Lifetime Residual Income with Fundit benefits?

Click Here for Consultant Appliation

The Fund-It Independent Consultant Website

Welcome! We, at
are very excited about the amazing impact the
program is having in our society.

What makes our success rewarding is the
program helps those who need it most. Our mission is to make a significant difference in the communities we live in.
If you share the same vision, consider joining the
Consultant Team. We will work diligently to do our part to develop a mutually profitable relationship.

Fund-It Has The Right Formula!
The formula is simple!

only makes money when the organization and consultants benefit financially.

Over the last few decades it has become common business practice for companies to charge both an upfront fee and a monthly fee (or required purchase) for the privilege of selling their product. Here at
we believe in our technology/service and we don’t charge our Consultants to be a part of our team. Rather it is our belief that we should only benefit financially if we help you, and the organizations we serve together, to be successful.

Is it time for a Paradigm Shift?

A shift away from up front fees and paying for the privilege to sell product and services

To a culture of making a difference, where everyone wins from the start.

Ready to become a consultant? There is no cost and there will never be any cost to being a

Before you watch the Video please write this important information down. You will need this information to sign up as a Free Independent Consultant.

Referred by:
e mail:

Watch this short video on becoming a fundit consultant: Become Fund-It Independent Consultant

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok - Ready to generate cash for your school, your church, or for your favorite charity?

Here's How
lets you raise all the money for FREE! Thanks to Yahoo and your help in searching the internet.... Its that simple. Really... It is this simple with no added cost or out of pocket expenses.

has teamed with Yahoo to offer a no cost means for schools, non profits, churches, etc. to raise much needed funds in today’s tough economy.
can do this with out any up front money on your schools part and with out having to ask for money from your supporters.

Here is how the Yahoo fundraiser works:
Click here for how fundit benefit works:

Any idea of the type of money that can be generated by you and your kids?

For example. Let’s say you have 100 kids in your Club or school who participate. Those 100 kids by asking their parents, friends, and siblings to help, they each get 2 other people to help raise money for your cause by using the Yahoo tool bar. So you now have 300 total people supporting your fundraiser. If those people just did 3 searches a day for 30 days your group would earn $2700 in one month!

This can be used for ANY program. Senior year end party, Church groups,Cheer squads, sports teams, choir, bands and your favorite charities . will even design custom toolbars for each group wanting to earn their own money.

Here is an example of some of the toolbar being used today. Sample Toolbars being Used

I am sure you will have questions. Please give me a call or e mail. I am here to help make this fundraiser a long term success.

Additional links of interest. To sign up for a fundit search tool bar: sign-up

Video instructions on how to sign up: sign-up

Thank you for taking the time to review what I feel is the perfect fundraiser to help schools, clubs, and non profits through these tough economic times.

Randy Bacon
Free Fundraisers
Independent rep # 3131

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marching Bands, School Bands, How fundit can support your way

Marching Bands Join Today

Become one of the many Marching Bands from around America that are joining the Fund-It Benefit Bar Program to create a revenue stream for their band.

Click here to see how Fund-It Works

But before you click on the above link write this very important information down. You will need this information when you sign up your organization.
Referrer is Randy Bacon Consultant
ID#3131 e mail is

The FUND-IT program --One of a Kind

The Fund-It/BenefitBar is a patent pending tool bar that works in conjunction with the Yahoo! search engine to generate money for schools, churches, missionaries, non-profits and youth organizations. The program is unique in that no one is ever asked to give money or buy anything to help your favorite organization reach their worthy goal. While Yahoo! generates over 7 Billion Dollars in search engine revenue yearly, those numbers are dwarfed by other search engines that hold an almost 3-1 advantage. Yahoo! is working with Fund-It/BenefitBar to increase its search engine market share through the use of a personalized toolbar. When you use a search engine on the internet, the search leads you to a page which features sponsored links. The advertisers pay a fee for sponsored links on the search engine landing pages. When you use the Fund-It/BenefitBar personalized toolbar, your organization receives $.10 from Yahoo! for each sponsored link click. Food for thought -- the average computer performs 3-5 searches per day. If you used the Fund-It/BenefitBar personalized toolbar for your searches, you would generate $110-190 for your organization in a year. It is like making a $190 donation to your favorite organization with somebody else's money; after all you currently don't get paid for doing the searches, right?

Now you know why we say "A DIME Every TIME"

A Check Every Month

The Fund-It/BenefitBar Personalized Toolbar Program is a great supplement to your existing resource development efforts. This passive, 24/7 program is a fully-integrated resource development solution, putting your organization at the receiving end of new, nearly permanent revenue streams with absolutely no pressure on your current donor pool. This is because all revenues are third-party, “other people’s money” revenues.

This opens the door to supporters at every socio-economic level, vastly multiplying the numbers of eager participants. Those who might never have been able to afford to contribute directly become ambassadors for your organization. Now, anyone with a computer has the opportunity to make a meaningful financial impact on your organization.

With the Fund-It/BenefitBar Program, neither you nor your supporters will be asked to buy or sell anything. There is no start-up fee; and nothing taken out of your budget. This is remarkable, considering the fact that this program could easily put $5,000, 10,000, $25,000 or more into your budget year in and year out.

One of the most difficult challenges in any campaign is that of overcoming inertia. When planning an event, from the simplest bake sale or walk-a-thon to the most far-reaching donor initiative, your organization is immediately in conflict with two forces: Schedule conflicts and existing habits.

If you seek to stage an event, there will be people who cannot participate due to schedule conflicts. Attempts to resolve schedule conflicts cause anxiety and even resentment among supporters and the staff members whose job it is to “make it work.”

Likewise, business partnership programs are famous for unfulfilled promise. Programs such as “Eat at Joe’s Hamburger Stand on Tuesday nights, and Joe will give 10% of the proceeds to our organization” rarely succeed. Buying habits are just too difficult to influence. Supporters end up eating at “Fred’s,” then driving past “Joe’s” and feeling guilty.

On the one hand you have schedule conflicts causing anxiety and resentment, and on the other hand you have business partnership programs that foster guilt. The truth is that both instances make the case for the Fund-It/BenefitBar Program. The reason is simple.

It’s not about changing. It’s all about having your supporters continue to do what they’re doing anyway—surfing the internet. Or more accurately, searching the internet.

Supporters are invited to make their Yahoo searches by way of a custom Yahoo! Fund-It/Benefit Bar personalized toolbar that they install on their own computers. The Fund-It/BenefitBar toolbar waits patiently at the top of their screen displaying your organization’s name and special design. When it’s time to search the toolbar is ready to work. And every time your supporters search, and click on a sponsored link, your organization receives ten cents. “A Dime Every Time”.

How It Works

When your organization enrolls in the Fund-It/BenefitBar Program, you and your consultant—the person who introduced you to the program—will create a custom Fund-It/BenefitBar toolbar and a personalized web site to support your new Fund-It/BenefitBar initiative. You simply direct your supporters to that web site, which explains the program, walks them through downloading and installing the search bar, and answers questions for them. No meetings, rallies or in-service days required! The web site handles virtually all the support. But it does far more than that. It is also a powerful motivational tool.

Because it tracks your supporters’ activity, your site will give you all the information you need to encourage them. In fact, the web site automatically sends motivational messages to your supporters, thanking them for their support and gently, tastefully encouraging them to spread the good word about supporting your organization through the Fund-It/BenefitBar Program. This brings more users, and more dimes.

Where does the money come from? Search engine companies such as Yahoo! earn money on a pay-per-click basis. They offer free search services to the entire world. Naturally, advertisers want to appear at the top of those search result lists. The top positions are referred to as “Sponsor Results.” Each click on a Sponsor Result link triggers a small payment from the advertiser to the search engine company. Last year those small payments added up to over seven billion dollars in sales for Yahoo!. Still, Yahoo! wants to increase its market share and take some of the other search engines' almost twenty billion in annual revenue. They would like to reward the organizations that help them get some of that market share. In other words, they’re willing to pay for your help. When organization gets people clicking on sponsored links, Yahoo! will happily diverts $ .10 of each payment directly to your organization.

The Fund-It/BenefitBar personalized is simply the tool that allows Yahoo! to track which organization is responsible for those clicks. It tells them who gets the dime every time!

Stacking Up the Dimes

The average computer user does three search & clicks a day-that would be $ .30 to your organization. If your organization has 100 members, that would be $30/day. But what about family and friends of members? Many organizations "touch" over a thousand people. With a thousand supporters using your personalized toolbar and making just three searches & clicks a day on sponsor results, your organization would have a revenue stream of $300 per day. That's $9,000/month-over $100,000 a year!

And the Fund-It/BenefitBar toolbar stays on your supporters’ computers. You will never need to restart this campaign or remind people why they have the barAdd your content her.

Ready to sign your Organization up and start earning much needed financial support? Click Here.